“Wheels of Glory” Goes Here


Ten minutes ago, I remembered I hadn’t yet published today’s post, Wheels of Glory, so I opened the WP app.

10:30 I read Wheels of Glory, decide it looks fine.

10:32 I click <Publish>

10:33 The sidebar says “PUBLISHED 15 DAYS AGO.” I click <Preview> and check the date. Sure enough, it proclaims, “Posted on 29 June, 2016.”

Years ago, I tried Tumblr, and looked into Blogger & whatever else was available at the time. WP is so superior to all of them. But this latest aggravation is enough to make me want to quit WP. Too bad it’s still the only game in town, as far as I know.

The most recent posts, in order, (not including the “__ Goes Here” ones) are:

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Wheels of Glory

To see more of my rant on this, see Curiouser and Curiouser and How Did That Happen?.

After this, I’ll be doing my posting in a different way, without saving any posts as drafts, so this shouldn’t happen again. If it does, then something very strange will be going on! OK, something very strange is already going on. But — “very more strangerer.” :-p