“Wheels of Glory” Goes Here


Ten minutes ago, I remembered I hadn’t yet published today’s post, Wheels of Glory, so I opened the WP app.

10:30 I read Wheels of Glory, decide it looks fine.

10:32 I click <Publish>

10:33 The sidebar says “PUBLISHED 15 DAYS AGO.” I click <Preview> and check the date. Sure enough, it proclaims, “Posted on 29 June, 2016.”

Years ago, I tried Tumblr, and looked into Blogger & whatever else was available at the time. WP is so superior to all of them. But this latest aggravation is enough to make me want to quit WP. Too bad it’s still the only game in town, as far as I know.

The most recent posts, in order, (not including the “__ Goes Here” ones) are:

Cable Swatch

Another Cable Swatch

Third Cable Swatch

Fourth Cable Swatch

That’s More Like It!

Unwrapping a Treasure

Wheels of Glory

To see more of my rant on this, see Curiouser and Curiouser and How Did That Happen?.

After this, I’ll be doing my posting in a different way, without saving any posts as drafts, so this shouldn’t happen again. If it does, then something very strange will be going on! OK, something very strange is already going on. But — “very more strangerer.” :-p


“That’s More Like It!” Goes Here

Today, July 12, 2016, I published That’s More Like It!, a post I wrote in May, and saved in draft form in June, but couldn’t publish because I needed to catch up on my postings of the various cable swatches I’ve been doing. As I’ve mentioned before, I am horribly behind in publishing my posts. Every chance I get, I try to catch up, but something always seems to happen to drop another roadblock in my path, like last week, when we lost our internet service for two days, then electric power for another two days.

I don’t knit every day, and even when I am knitting a lot, it often takes several days to finish one cable sampler. But if I posted in real time, I’d never get caught up, so I’ve been trying to publish one post a day. Those swatches have been popping out at a very impressive speed! — When I can keep up with the publishing schedule, that is.

Part of how I’ve been trying to keep up with the schedule is to pre-load some posts as drafts. I’ll spend an afternoon uploading the posts, attaching their photos and links, fixing their formatting, and so on. Then, on the appropriate day, I just hit the <Publish> button and off it goes.

That worked okay until I published the four Cable Swatch posts. Today, I decided I could finally post That’s More Like It!, then in the next few days I can publish two more posts which follow up on That’s More Like It!, and then finish posting the rest of the cable swatches. After that, I should be all caught up on the old posts, and can go back to my once-a-week-or-thereabouts publishing schedule.

But when I hit <Publish> today on That’s More Like It!, WordPress put it in dated June 27. Perhaps that was the day I uploaded & saved the draft, I don’t know. In any case, WP has screwed up the dates of several of my posts. First I had to stop using their Scheduling feature, and now I have to stop using their Drafts feature. Grrr.

So, That’s More Like It! goes here, after the four Cable Swatches. To see more of my tribulations with WordPress, see Curiouser and Curiouser; I wrote (and published!) it on June 28, and then added today’s rant at the bottom of it.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Well, that’s bizarre.

In my addendum to A Foggy Day, I detail how the auto-publishing feature was messed up. I had scheduled that post to be published on 6-24. On 6-26 I discovered that it hadn’t been published, so I manually published the one before it (Maybe this will be *The One*), which had been scheduled for 6-22, and also hadn’t been auto-published when it was scheduled to. Then I wrote the addendum to A Foggy Day and went to bed, intending to publish that one the next day.

Well, the next day, 6-27, I was busy, and did other things. Today, 6-28, I got on WP, re-read the post and then hit the <Publish> button. It was definitely the <Publish> button and not the <Update> button.

Right after that, I clicked the link which opens my web browser to the blog page which has all posts on it, with the most recent one on top. The one on top was Maybe this will be *The One*, followed by A Foggy Day.

The publish date on Maybe this will be *The One* was 6-26. (Correct.)

The publish date on A Foggy Day, complete with addendum, was 6-24. (WHAAAT- – ?)

Even now, WP is telling me that this page was published four days ago, when I know I just hit the Publish button ten minutes ago!

ADDED JULY 12, 2016:

WP did it again. I wrote the post That’s More Like It! sometime around June 27, but couldn’t publish it then because I first had to catch up on my swatching posts. (I actually wrote the post on MAY 20, but had to wait to publish it. Have I mentioned how far behind I am in posting? Some time later, I uploaded and saved the draft on WP, so I could attach the pictures and set it up for publishing on another day when I might not have the time to fuss with all that.)

I then posted this one (Curiouser and Curiouser), and then posted Cable Swatches 1-4. Then, we lost our phone line and internet for two days due to heavy rain, and then lost power for another two days, due to more thunderstorms. Finally, I was able to post That’s More Like It!

I hit <Publish> and then <Preview> to see if it loaded correctly.

WP published it with the date June 27, inserting it BEFORE Curiouser and the four Cable Swatch posts!

So, beware, WP bloggers: Apparently, WP bases its dates on the date you first SAVE your post, not the date you actually choose to publish on. If you try to use your time efficiently and pre-load several posts on one day, intending to spread out their publication over several days, and then you insert some other posts, publishing them before the ones you pre-wrote, forget it: WP will date them as if they’d been published on the date the drafts were first saved. WP will completely disregard your careful planning, because WordPress knows best about what date your posts should be published on.