Still Plodding Along 

Iteration #4 seems to be working well.

Short-row shoulders

It’ll be done in no time!


1st Project: The Rail Yard Shawl

I want a real shawl. I love delicate, lacy things, but in the winter (or in refrigerator-cold air conditioning in the summer) I want a thick, warm, working shawl. And I want it to stay on, without fussing and tugging. Therefore, I want a Faroese shawl. And I need to make it from the top down, because I have no idea whether I have enough yarn.

To complicate matters, I have no instructions handy. I own Myrna Stahman’s book on constructing Faroese-shaped shawls from the neck down, but I’ve had to pack it away in a box with my other knitting books while I do some renovations. So, I thought I’d gather some info online, and then wing it. There isn’t a lot of info available, but enough. Joan Schrouder’s comments on the Ravelry forums have been especially helpful.

The only Faroese-style shawl I’ve ever made was Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer’s Dolly Faroese Shawl ( This is a delightful little project, intended to help you learn the ropes of Faroese shaping in a quick doll-size project. I highly recommend it to anyone contemplating making a full-size shawl. It gave me a basis of understanding what I’m trying to accomplish, and combining this with the information I gathered from Ravelry and other places on the internet, I hope to be able to create an approximation of a Faroese shawl. Now to decide on yarn and needles.

Dolly Shawl by Jackie E-S