Still Plodding Along 

Iteration #4 seems to be working well.

Short-row shoulders

It’ll be done in no time!



One of the reasons I thought a blog would be a good way to take my notes on this project is the pictures. I see other people’s blogs effortlessly strewn with photos of the works in progress. I had no idea that the need to insert pictures is not only not effortless, but can actually slow a project down.

Did you know that those photos don’t just pop themselves into the blog as you write it? That you have to make a point of taking your pictures, which involves finding a good location, gathering your subjects, and using your camera? That you then have to move the photos from your camera to your computer? — No matter that your hard disk is nearly full, and the camera’s memory card is full, so you can’t take any more pictures until you either get the photos onto the hard drive (which will involve severe hard-drive purging) or buy another card. — That you then have to edit the photos? And then upload them to the blog? That when you have pattern and needles ready to go, and are itching to begin, you cannot start knitting your project because you need to get a shot of the unused balls to go with the post you wrote days ago about which yarn you chose? That if you’ve decided to take pictures outside because of the gorgeous way natural light has with yarn, it then rains 3 days in a row?

I used to be a professional photographer, so you’d think some of this would be easy. And it is, to a certain extent; all the technical details are easily mastered, and I love the editing process. But my ego won’t let me just take a snapshot with my cell phone and upload it as-is. I have to fiddle with settings and arrangements and so on. Not that my pictures are works of art: I haven’t done much still-life photography, so these pictures that I’m slaving over don’t look any better than snapshots. I’m approaching the whole situation as a chance to learn product placement.

Bear with me. Either my photos will get better and look more like advertisements, or I’ll give in and start uploading snapshots from my cell phone.

close-up of the chosen yarn


basket of Possum Paints yarn - with Sergie