Snapshot Update

I apologize for these pictures. They’re all terrible, and I can’t do anything about it with my iPhone.

In general, both here and on Instagram, I prefer to post the photo as is, doing no editing. As I’ve already commented, this results in some pretty bad pictures sometimes. (Snapshots)

My main complaint now is the color cast. If a picture is taken when there are incandescent lights on in the room, the photo will have a yellowish or orange cast to it. Otherwise, the phone’s sensor might make the color cast too blue. In some of my recent snapshots, I have tried to fix this with the Edit feature inside the Photos app.

In that, one of the options is “Color” — perfect! But I discovered when I tried to use it, that it is NOT color. Rather, it adjusts Saturation, or how much color is applied to the photo. I guess Apple thought that “Saturation” was too big a word for iPhone users to handle. This fits in with what seems to be their overall philosophy. Apple products used to have a large number of options so people could do what they liked. Now everything is dumbed-down, and options are “simplified” (meaning, removed) so the poor users don’t hurt themselves.

I’m still trying to fit ‘this blogging thing’ into my life, so want to keep it as simple as possible. (Please note, Apple, that I want to choose from a variety of options — which ones I want to use that will make it simple for me — not a one-size-fits-all lack of choice which suits nobody.) It’s hard enough to keep up with the writing and snapshot-taking and posting; I do not want to take real photos with my real camera, then deal with the hassle of uploading them; I do not want to drag my pics through PhotoShop.

Unfortunately, it looks like I have to choose between convenience and good photos. Someday, maybe I will run all my pics through PhotoShop and fix the color cast. Until then, I apologize for the terrible tints.

– – – – –

Umm, I should clarify: I understand that the in-phone app needs to be kept simple for memory reasons. (But I do wish they would include a small tint adjuster; that would help the color cast a lot.) My rant is based on years of watching perfectly good options (which I used a lot) get deleted every time I needed to “upgrade” my laptop computer. Apples are still far better than Windows machines when it comes to security and reliability, but my user satisfaction declines with every year, every “improvement” Apple dishes out.