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Straw into Gold

Saturday is basically the only day I can knit. The rest of the week, I’m trying to get a lot of other things done, but on Saturday, I can carve out a large block of time, turn on the radio, and focus on the knitting project.

This is the main reason my cardigan project is going so slowly. Instead of spending 40 hours a week designing it, I’m spending six. The subheader of this blog isn’t “Plodding through the design process” for nothing.

And now, even that snail’s pace has ground to a halt, but for a Very Good Reason: This past Saturday, and next Saturday too, I am taking a spinning class!

No, not exercising, and not Sufi dancing. For the first time in my life, I have the opportunity to learn how to spin roving into yarn.



spindle & wool

Saturday spindle


I have wanted to learn how to spin all my life, and I am finally getting the chance!

So far, it’s been wonderful. My teacher is extremely good. She obviously knows what she’s doing, and has thought the process through so she can break it down into very easy-to-grasp steps. We in the class feel like super-talented spinners, but I believe that this is really just because she is teaching so well.

Last Saturday, we learned the park-and-draft method on a top-whorl drop spindle. Next Saturday, we’ll be turning our work into real yarn. I imagine that she’ll also be answering the questions that came up for us during the week, and maybe teaching some other drop-spindle techniques.

So, my Saxon Braid is on a two-week hiatus, and I couldn’t be happier.


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