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How Did That Happen?

After my rants from yesterday (here and here) about WP messing up the order in which my posts appear, because they’ve been published with dates other than the dates on which I actually published them, I was prepared to fuss about today’s post, too.

But I published Unwrapping a Treasure today, and it was published with today’s date on it!

I know the order of these posts matters only to me. My posts are boring. When I wrote the tagline for this blog, “Plodding through the design process,” I knew what I was talking about — I knew how infrequently I knit, and how unlikely it is for me to stick to a regular blogging routine. I did hope that the posts wouldn’t be as pedantic and dry as they have turned out to be; somehow, my natural sense of humor doesn’t seem to come through my writing. And, so far, I’ve written a lot about nothing.

So, it isn’t because my writing is a great work of art that should be preserved in all its glory. It is because no matter how bad my blog is, it should be presented as I intend: The WordPress software shouldn’t be making changes that I am not authorizing.

What if the blog was meaningful? What if the order in which the posts were published mattered? If this is happening to me, then it can happen to other bloggers as well, and might really mess up somebody’s writing. This needs to be fixed.

It’s sad when you have to comment that something was done as it was supposed to be done. But it was, and I’m glad. I just wish that the others had been dated correctly too.


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