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Wheels of Glory

I have now swatched two of the skeins I got from Schoolhouse Press.

Wheels of Glory

Wheels of Glory — yarn is wound and ready to knit

They are strong and tough, just what I’d envisioned. But somewhere in the middle of my swatching, I came to my senses a bit.

I’ve already bought two full sweaters’-worth of yarn. I really should stop this never-ending quest for The Perfect Yarn and just get on with it. If the Wool of the Andes sweater turns out too light, then I’ll have a nice indoor sweater. In the meantime, with all this dithering about yarn, I’m not making any progress, and will have to wear the craft-fair sweater again next year.

I’ll make the current sweater in WOTA, make my next one in Cestari Bulky, and then after that, I’ll make something nice with something from Schoolhouse Press. And maybe I’ll finally get around to making things with my odd-lot stash, as well.

Schoolhouse Press swatches

Sheepswool 2-ply & 3-ply; same needle size on both


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