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Curiouser and Curiouser

Well, that’s bizarre.

In my addendum to A Foggy Day, I detail how the auto-publishing feature was messed up. I had scheduled that post to be published on 6-24. On 6-26 I discovered that it hadn’t been published, so I manually published the one before it (Maybe this will be *The One*), which had been scheduled for 6-22, and also hadn’t been auto-published when it was scheduled to. Then I wrote the addendum to A Foggy Day and went to bed, intending to publish that one the next day.

Well, the next day, 6-27, I was busy, and did other things. Today, 6-28, I got on WP, re-read the post and then hit the <Publish> button. It was definitely the <Publish> button and not the <Update> button.

Right after that, I clicked the link which opens my web browser to the blog page which has all posts on it, with the most recent one on top. The one on top was Maybe this will be *The One*, followed by A Foggy Day.

The publish date on Maybe this will be *The One* was 6-26. (Correct.)

The publish date on A Foggy Day, complete with addendum, was 6-24. (WHAAAT- – ?)

Even now, WP is telling me that this page was published four days ago, when I know I just hit the Publish button ten minutes ago!

ADDED JULY 12, 2016:

WP did it again. I wrote the post That’s More Like It! sometime around June 27, but couldn’t publish it then because I first had to catch up on my swatching posts. (I actually wrote the post on MAY 20, but had to wait to publish it. Have I mentioned how far behind I am in posting? Some time later, I uploaded and saved the draft on WP, so I could attach the pictures and set it up for publishing on another day when I might not have the time to fuss with all that.)

I then posted this one (Curiouser and Curiouser), and then posted Cable Swatches 1-4. Then, we lost our phone line and internet for two days due to heavy rain, and then lost power for another two days, due to more thunderstorms. Finally, I was able to post That’s More Like It!

I hit <Publish> and then <Preview> to see if it loaded correctly.

WP published it with the date June 27, inserting it BEFORE Curiouser and the four Cable Swatch posts!

So, beware, WP bloggers: Apparently, WP bases its dates on the date you first SAVE your post, not the date you actually choose to publish on. If you try to use your time efficiently and pre-load several posts on one day, intending to spread out their publication over several days, and then you insert some other posts, publishing them before the ones you pre-wrote, forget it: WP will date them as if they’d been published on the date the drafts were first saved. WP will completely disregard your careful planning, because WordPress knows best about what date your posts should be published on.


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