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Maybe this will be *The One*

As I mentioned in What’s in a Name? and other posts, I’m not totally happy with any yarn I’ve tried so far. I settled on the WOTA, but the more I work with it, the more misgivings I have about it. Like the Cascade 220, it will probably make a very nice sweater, but it might not be right for this sweater.

As I’ve been writing these posts, I’ve inserted credits wherever possible. As an occasional creator of intellectual property, I try to be sensitive to this, and do it wherever possible. So, when I’ve made reference a few times to books published by them, I inserted links to  Schoolhouse Press. (See? I just did it again! 😀 )

When I needed to get the links for the books, I went to the Schoolhouse Press website. While there, I was reminded that they sell yarn, too, and good quality yarn, perhaps the very yarn I’ve been looking for. I am sorry to say that I’ve never bought yarn from them before. This is why I didn’t remember them until now.

I wanted to buy their yarn (back when I was buying yarn, before my stash got so big), but it seemed so expensive to me back then. I don’t know whether they’ve lowered their prices (does anybody ever do that?), or if I’m just remembering wrong, but when I went there and looked around, they seemed very reasonable.

So, because this sweater is very important to me, and I want it to be done right, I ordered one skein each of several promising-looking wools, the ones which looked tough enough for outerwear. Their descriptions of the yarns were helpful in this regard. I’m holding my highest hopes for the one that is undyed, natural sheep-colored wool.

I can’t wait for it to get here!!


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