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A Foggy Day…

Foggy day

Foggy day

What else to do on a dismal, dreary, cold, wet day, but to read a book and knit? Not at the same time, of course — I’ve never attempted knitting anything more complicated than K2,P2 ribbing while reading — but both Buttercup and Sergie curled up with me while I read. (Sorry — no pictures. I didn’t have the phone within reach.) When I finished the book, I did another repeat or so of the current cable sampler.

Current Cable Swatch

Current Cable Swatch

In all, a pleasant way to spend a day in which I felt under the weather, umm, figuratively and almost literally, I guess.


I originally wrote this on a cold, foggy, rainy day in May (5-17). What with getting sidetracked and backlogged and some other directional words, I’m posting this a month late. Last weekend, I wrote The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow, then  spent some time setting up my remaining pre-written posts as drafts in WP, attaching their pictures, and scheduling them to be published nearly every day, to help get them caught up quicker. I scheduled And Now, for Something Completely Different to be published on Tuesday, 6-21. The next post, Maybe this will be *The One*, was set for Wednesday, 6-22. This post (A Foggy Day. . .) was scheduled for Friday, 6-23. Another was scheduled for Saturday, the next for Monday, etc.

It gave me a sense of relief to have them pre-scheduled, so I could just let them publish themselves while I busied myself with other things for a while. And I was pleased that the weather report said that I’d be posting A Foggy Day on what was expected to be another foggy, rainy day, even if the temperature would be in the 70s instead of the 50s, as it had been in May.

Sunday night, 6-26, I realized I’d need to edit the post scheduled to be published on Monday, so I opened up WordPress, and found Maybe this will be *The One* still sitting there, waiting to be published! Needless to say, none of the following posts had gotten published either.

After speaking to WP’s app using some very strong language, I hit the Publish button on Maybe this will be *The One* and then started writing this addendum.

I don’t know who’s to blame here. I’m inclined to think that this is a glitch in WP. On the other hand, my internet connection is so bad that maybe somehow the scheduling setups didn’t go through, even though it said they did on this end. I do know that every time I open the WP app, I get a pop-up box telling me it wants to do an update, then restart the app. I click OK, the app restarts… and then I get a pop-up box telling me it wants to do an update, then restart the app. In other words, the update hangs on my slow connection, then restarts before the update has finished downloading. I’ll probably never get that update unless I take my computer someplace that has a normal internet speed.

In any case, I am very annoyed about the publishing delay. I suppose this means that I’ll have to come back every few days and manually publish the remaining posts. This is a pain, and means that the posting will probably be delayed longer because I won’t get around to it every day. But what is really annoying me is that now I can’t trust WP to publish posts when they’re scheduled. It was such a useful feature, but now if I try to use it, I’ll have to keep checking up on it to make sure it’s done what it was supposed to do, which pretty much negates the convenience factor.


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