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And Now, for Something Completely Different

The time has come to start adding on stitches. As I work these, I will be setting them up for the cables they are to become. And I have no idea what cables I want to put next.

So, I need to set the sweater aside, get out my trusty Fishermen’s Wool, and swatch, swatch, swatch until I find the cables that belong in the rest of the sweater.

cable swatches - graph paper

Some cable swatches to try

Yes, I did just say, “my trusty Fishermen’s Wool.”  In an earlier post (What’s in a Name?), I had said that FW is a low-quality wool which disappointed me greatly when I made a vest out of it. True.

But it looks like a nice wool, the kind that an Aran (Fisherman’s) sweater would be made of. And the fact that it is cheaply-made makes it affordable. Also, it comes in a center-pull skein (no rewinding necessary), which is HUGE (8 oz.; 465 yd.). So, back when it first came out, I had high hopes for the stuff, and did my part to encourage Lion Brand to make more wool yarns available. All their other yarns are acrylic. Many are probably good-quality acrylic, as acrylics go, but they will never be wool. (Yes, I have tried their Wool-Ease. It looks nice in the skein, with a lovely assortment of colors, but in the end, it’s still an acrylic blend, and not worth the effort of making something with.) It would be very nice if they would come out with more wool and other natural-fiber yarns.

When I say that I “did my part to encourage Lion Brand to make more wool yarns available,” what I mean is that I bought a lot of it. I had big plans for it, so I picked up a few skeins every chance I got. Then I made the vest, and discovered that I wouldn’t be using it for clothing any more.

But it is perfect for making cable swatches. I don’t need high-quality yarn for that, but do want something which shows the stitches well, in a neutral color of wool, and which is not so expensive that I short-change the swatch, feeling money go down the drain with every stitch. It is also perfect for cat toys and blankets: they get to play with wool, and I can be generous, because they’re not destroying something that cost $20 an ounce.

I am very fond of my Fishermen’s Wool, when used for the right things.

Cast-on for Swatch #1

Beginning Swatch #1


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