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The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

I am still having sporadic difficulty with my internet service, so haven’t been able to post for a while. Now I know how rural people must have felt a hundred years ago when they wanted good, affordable, reliable electricity in their homes and it wasn’t available to them. Rural people are experiencing the same thing with internet service now.

I’ve also been having some family issues, which I feel are out of the scope of this blog, but which have nonetheless affected my ability to get the posting done. I even stopped knitting for a while.

But I’ve been knitting again for a week or so, and yesterday I finally sat down and made real progress with writing the Saxon Braid Cardigan pattern.

I still have a few posts I wrote in mid-May, starting with And Now, for Something Completely Different, which I’ll post tomorrow and the following days, one per day or every other day. After these, I’ll be all caught up on the pre-written material, and posting will likely become even more sporadic. But I’ll do my best: this blog has helped me weather the designing slump, and suddenly last week I knew exactly how to proceed. So now I’ve been re-inspired, and am once again feeling enthusiastic about making this sweater.

My title above (the song from Annie) is in reference to my renewed enthusiasm for this project, not for the blog post scheduled for tomorrow. 🙂


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