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Progress Report #2

Start of second shoulder

Second shoulder next to first

Day 3: I started the second Saxon Braid shoulder and did one pattern repeat. Hard to believe, isn’t it, that such a tiny thing takes an hour? It’s because there is so much going on in Saxon Braid. With most cables, you have a few rows in which you just knit again whatever is in the previous row. But in this braid, every right-side row moves something to a new position, and that takes additional time, which all adds up.

I’ve done so many swatches of this Braid that my time is starting to improve now. In the beginning, each row took about 5 minutes. Now, the wrong-side rows are 2-3 minutes, and I’m starting to shave some time off the right-side rows as well. But in round numbers, including stopping to pet Buttercup and sip a smoothie at the end of every row, it all still takes about an hour.


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