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Let the Fun Begin!

First row

Midway through the first row

I prefer to do my cast on with a dp (double-pointed needle), then knit the first row onto my circulars. It’s just easier that way for me to keep the cast-on stitches in a straight, untwisted line.

Ever since I discovered the Tubular Cast-On for Single Rib¹, this has become my go-to cast on, even when I won’t be knitting ribbing. It’s as fast as the provisional cast on² but is permanent, and gives a nice-looking edge. I always used to hate casting on, but this method is much more pleasant, and I think it looks better, too.

The first rep of Saxon Braid

The first rep of Saxon Braid

It doesn’t look like much, but each rep of the Saxon Braid takes me about an hour. (Making it with Cestari yarn takes a bit longer, because of the extra work involved in knitting rope.) I can put in only about an hour a day, because I’m not a professional designer, and have other things that require my time, and also because I don’t want to reactivate my carpal-tunnel problems. Some days, I’ve gone ahead and worked longer than one hour, but in general, if I can knit one hour each day, I’ll be doing well.

I’ve been working on this so long already! Is it a sweater yet??

1  (Stanley, Montse, Knitter’s Handbook, Reader’s Digest, 1993, p. 78)

2 ibid, p. 77 (called Looping Provisional Cast-On)

2 also, Walker, Barbara G., Knitting from the Top, Schoolhouse Press, 1996, p. 72


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