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Problem Solved

Well, one of the problems, anyway.

The Saxon Braid is a 30-stitch pattern. When I did my test swatch with the Cascade 220, I cast on 36, putting 3 of the extra stitches on each side.

In the post titled Dilemmas, I worried that moving up from worsted to bulky would result in a shoulder that’s too wide. And I was right — it did.

test swatch — WOTABS

test swatch — WOTABS

But, as you can see in this picture, somewhere along the way in my test swatch of the WOTA yarn (Wool of the Andes Bulky Superwash), I remembered that those 6 extra stitches were extra stitches, and not part of the pattern. So I bound them off, and continued the swatch on just the basic 30 stitches. When that portion of the swatch got big enough, I ‘tried it on’ (laid the swatch on my shoulder) and voila, it fits beautifully.

[If anyone were interested in trying this design, I would point out that the segment that sits on the shoulder does not have to cover the entire shoulder. In fact, my main concern was that it would be too wide, because I dislike the drop-shoulder look. It’s unflattering on anyone, but is particularly unflattering on someone who is overweight, with narrow shoulders. (Guess who!) The shoulder on this sweater will be deepened and pushed into place when we add the collar.]

After such a slow start, I am on my way!


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