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Editor’s Note

I’ve inadvertently gotten these posts on a time-delay.

I write them first on my computer, then copy-and-paste them into WordPress. The idea for this sweater started coming to me some time in January, I think, and I was intrigued, but didn’t take action right away. It was only after I started thinking that maybe I should revive the blog and use it to chart this sweater’s progress that I seriously considered getting back into knitting.

Then, when I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep, I found myself writing the first few blog posts. After this went on long enough, I decided I’d better get it all down before I forgot everything. (I was really reluctant to start this; I hadn’t knitted in so long, wasn’t sure that I’d be able to keep it up if my wrists gave out again, and also wasn’t sure I could keep up with the blog-writing.)

I eventually gave in, and started writing and taking pictures.

But I couldn’t post them! I live in the woods, and our internet service is terrible. My old computer is refusing to load complex pages, so I can’t check my email with it, and I haven’t been able to get on Facebook in months. I tried using the WP app on my phone, but a lot of the time, my phone chokes, too.

Then, one day, when I was trying to deal with the app, I saw something about a WP app for the computer. I immediately downloaded it. Salvation! I still have occasional lock-ups, but for the most part I’ve been able to post whenever I want.

Only trouble is: the technical difficulties delayed my posts. I am now about a month behind. To keep the integrity of the story in the blog, I decided not to skip over posts. And I couldn’t bear the thought of all the rewriting I’d have to do, so I kept them as they were written, and figured nobody would notice or care if they were posted later than when they were written.

But I care! So I tried to keep the days accurate in the last flurry of posts, to maintain continuity with real life. (I did get the Knit Picks order on Tuesday, after placing the order on Saturday, for example.)* But the following post, Uh…… Make that…, really happened over a week later. In my hurry to get the posts a little caught up to real life, I posted this one the next day. But as I did, I noticed the discrepancy between when the post was made (the next day after It’s Here!) and time references in the post itself (“I went online … and told them what had happened. Then I waited. And waited.”)

The discerning reader might pick up on this and wonder how justified I am in complaining that I never heard back from them, when it’s been less than 24 hours since I received the order. In reality, I waited a couple of days before even contacting them (which was difficult enough to be a story in itself), then waited over a week to hear from them before writing the Uh…… Make that… post.

And now, the discerning reader’s questions have been answered. The more casual reader will never have bothered to read to the end of this over-long entry, and is untroubled by the anomalies in my narrative anyway. ;-D  But I have succeeded in shaving about a week off my posting delay. I’ll see what I can do about the rest.

Edit: *No, my memory was faulty. According to the dates of the posts as I wrote them, I ordered the wool on a Wednesday, not Saturday. I did buy the Cestari that Sunday, and receive the Knit Picks order the following Tuesday, though. So the rest of it is accurate.


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