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Uh…… Make that: They’re Here!

I received two boxes from Knit Picks, which surprised me, because the order wasn’t all that big.

So I opened the first box. The packer had stuffed some packing paper in the top, which protected the contents  from the knife I used to cut through the tape. Inside was a plastic bag with 4 of the skeins I’d ordered. Beneath that was another bag with the remaining skeins.

When I placed the order and went to my Shopping Cart, it informed me that my order qualified for a set of interchangeable needles with a 40″ connecting cord at a reduced price. I love their interchangeable needles, so jumped at the chance to get another set at a discount, even if the needles were US 8, which I don’t use as much as some of the smaller sizes.

The needles & cord were in the box, too, along with a postcard-sized insert about being a yarn enthusiast.

The entire order was in that box. So what was the 2nd box?

I opened the second one a little more recklessly than I had the first, since I knew that the packing paper would protect the contents. As my knife gouged the plastic bag inside, I discovered that this packer had neglected to put the paper in.

Inside was two plastic bags with the yarn I’d ordered, pretty much as in the first box. But whereas in the first box, the skeins were all aligned neatly, in this one they looked as if they’d been thrown into the bags haphazardly.

The needles & cord were in there, too, along with a postcard-sized insert about being a sewing enthusiast.

The first box was packed with care; the second looked like someone thought they’d missed the order, and wildly stuffed the items into the carton so they could get it onto the truck which was about to leave.

WOTA double order

WOTA double order

I went online and found their Contact Us page and told them what had happened. Then I waited. And waited. I never heard back from them.

So I guess I get to keep the second box. But whoever got my email really dropped the ball. If they didn’t want the hassle of dealing with a returned box, they could have turned it into a PR move: They could have responded with something like, “We are sorry that the mistake happened, but we’d be delighted if you would just keep the second box as our gift to you for being such a good customer. Please be sure to tell all your friends about Knit Picks.”

Instead, I feel like they couldn’t be bothered replying to my email. I don’t even know if anyone has read it yet. They certainly don’t seem to have a very responsive Customer Service department. Just ignoring my email is not the same as telling me to keep the extra box.

It isn’t PR unless you make it PR.


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