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It’s Here!

The Wool of the Andes order has arrived!

I ordered one skein in each of a few colors that looked promising. What you see on the computer screen is never what you see in person, so I did it this way. I can always make small projects, or combine some of the colors to make larger projects. And I’m always open to adding new yarns to my sampler afghan, which is a project I started many years ago to help me test out various stitch patterns. If a pattern catches my eye, I’ll work it up first in a swatch for my afghan, so I can decide whether I like it, and get a good look at it, since again, these things never look the same in pictures. There have been so many patterns that I’ve loved in the photo, but disliked in person, and a few for which the reverse was true: not crazy about the picture, but great in person. There have also been a few that I fell in love with for their FEEL: the rhythm of the knitting was so nice, I made notes that I’d like to do these patterns in larger projects.

Swatch Afghan

Swatch Afghan: A blanket only its mother could love.

As I said, I ordered the shades that I thought looked promising. With one exception, these colors are all too dark for the sweater I’m trying to start.

WOTA shipment

WOTA is here!

Even the Oyster Heather, which I thought might be a nice subtle off-white, is more what I would call Camel. But the Dove Heather is a nice light grey. I don’t see much heather in it, though. It seems to be a solid grey, but if I look really, really close, I can see just a bit of heathering going on. [Spell Check REALLY doesn’t like the word “heathering” 😀 ] I also bought one skein of WOTA Dove Heather in worsted weight, and can see the heathering in that. It’s still quite subtle, but much more visible than in the bulky weight.

WOTA Dove Heather

A pair of Doves

I wish the heathering was more pronounced, and that the overall tone was just a bit darker, but I’m going with the Dove, even though it isn’t exactly what I’d been looking for.

There is something else about this yarn which has me concerned, but that will have to wait for another post. (What’s in a Name?)


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