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It’s an Acquired Taste

Each repeat of Saxon Braid takes me about an hour to complete. By the time I’d knitted the second one, I expected my hands to be falling off, but they were fine. I have been doing hand-strengthening exercises; I guess that’s paying off.

During the manufacturing process, the yarn is scoured in such a way as to leave some natural oils in the wool, so my skin got ever-so-lightly lubricated as I worked. Not enough to make my hands feel greasy (I am sensitive to that). I didn’t even notice it at first, but did later, as the oil built up over time. I have tried other yarns which made me feel like I needed to wash my hands every twenty minutes, but this wasn’t like that. I could get used to this. Too bad the oils are distributed to my palms, though, when it’s the backs of my hands that could use them. I wonder if I could incorporate an extra movement in my knitting, something which strokes the yarn with the back of my hand after every stitch…

The Wool of the Andes order still hasn’t come. I tried to wait, but I couldn’t bear to not be knitting, so I did another repeat. It’s getting easier, and I really like the way it looks. Not for the top-down sweater I’m dreaming about, but for another, bulkier version, probably done from the bottom up, much as it pains me to do that. That’s just the way this wool seems to need to be worked, at least for the sweater I’m seeing when I look at this swatch.

Cestari Yarn swatch

Cestari Yarn swatch

In addition to all the grey skeins, I bought a lone beige to test out. I’m glad I chose the grey, but the beige looks nice, too. My test swatch was done on the beige, of course.


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