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Cestari Yarn

I just heard that my lys* was hosting a trunk show for Cestari Yarn, a local (-ish) small business that I’d never heard of before. So I ran right down there and scarfed up all they had of the lightest shade of grey in bulky weight.

Pile of Cestari

Pile of Cestari

And I set to work.

My goodness, this yarn is STIFF. It feels like I’m knitting rope!

I had it in my head that I needed bulky-weight yarn, but I probably would have done better with their worsted-weight, which is still considerably thicker than Cascade 220 or any other worsted I’ve ever seen.

Complaining bitterly the whole time, I persevered through an entire repeat of the Saxon Braid pattern, then had a look at it. And liked what I saw. So I continued on through another repeat of the pattern. My hands are definitely getting a workout. If I’m careful not to strain my carpal tunnels, I could increase my hand strength with this stuff.

* lys = local yarn shop


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