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I recently went back and read all the posts from 2014 and found something surprising: my post (Pictures) about how I was taking all the photos with my real camera, and playing with product-placement ideas as I did. I proudly announced that I was not taking mere snapshots with my iPhone.

A few months later, I discovered and started using Instagram. On that, all my photos are snapshots taken with my iPhone. I have discovered how convenient it is to post a photo that’s already on my phone, so now all the photos I’m posting on this blog are also snapshots taken with my iPhone. For the most part, that’s all that’s needed. It does a pretty good job of showing stitch definition, and in any case, the convenience factor is worth so much more than the lack of photographic quality.

The reason I’m mentioning this now is because of the photo in a previous post (2016 Project). It’s the picture of my cat sleeping on the beige sweater. It looks fine on my iPhone, but when I view it on my computer, poor Buttercup is all pixelated. The phone might have focused on the sweater, though, because there is some pretty good stitch definition in the foreground.

Buttercup on beige sweater

Buttercup says the sweater is just fine.

I wouldn’t be commenting on this at all, except that I’d gone to great lengths to declare that I’d be taking only “real” photographs for this blog, and now that I’m not doing that, I didn’t want any confusion to arise when I post a sub-par photo such as that one.


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