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Decisions, Decisions


Since the off-white sweater is so bulky and heavy, I thought I’d try making my sweater in a worsted-weight yarn. I don’t want to go finer than that for this project.

I visited my local yarn shop (lys), and found a limited selection of worsted-weight wool. There were all sorts of alpaca and silk blends, but for this project I want to stick with wool. Alpaca is one of my all-time favorites to knit. It’s so soft and warm, and feels wonderful while I’m knitting, but I was disappointed in the alpaca sweater I made, which I loved every minute of making. It was originally intended to be a bed jacket, but when it was waist-length, I was loving the knitting process so much that I wanted to keep going. I tried it on, and thought it would work as a full-length sweater, so carried on. When it got long enough and I tried it on again, it was very heavy, and stretched from its own weight so much that it distorted the stitchwork. Some day I will rip out the bottom cast-off and shorten it back to bolero length. I think it will be able to support its own weight then.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, wool.

The one yarn the lys had which met my criteria was Cascade 220. It’s a nice yarn, one I’ve enjoyed working with in the past, but I don’t know if it’s strong enough to stand up as outerwear, or if it will pill. However, while rummaging through the bin, I spotted the maybe-perfect shade — a heathered blend of beige and grey. Two neutrals for the price of one!

Its color value is closer to medium than light, but I think it was the best choice there. The rest of the yarns I saw were too dark, or white or plain off-white, or leaned too far to blue or green. Some of these were very nice-looking, but I am trying to find the most versatile shade possible. I think this is it. I wish it were more grey and less brown, but overall, I’m happy with it.

Cascade 220 Heathers


I bought the one skein they had, and brought it home to start playing with.


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