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2016 Project


Buttercup on beige sweater

Buttercup says the sweater is just fine.

The project I’ve had in my head for several weeks is a sweater. Many years ago, I bought a sweater at a craft fair. It was far from perfect, but it cost less than the yarn would have cost me, and was already made. I quickly discovered its main drawback, though: Whenever people see me in it, they ask, “Did you make that?”


Beige sweater

No, I did NOT make this!

I don’t want people thinking I made that thing. It doesn’t fit well, the cable placement and stitch choices are unflattering, and the workmanship, while not shoddy, is still not ideal. But over the years, I’ve had other commitments, and never made a replacement. I stopped wearing it for a number of years, but in the winters of 2014 & 2015, I dragged it out of retirement when I discovered it kept me warmer than any coat I own, and is more convenient, at least when all I’m doing is running from a heated building to a heated car to another heated building.

It’s a cabled cardigan, done in off-white bulky wool.

Beige sweater on dressform

It looks better on her than it does on me.



I like the traditional look, but it is so heavy. Also, the sleeves seem to have been made for a linebacker, so there is a lot of bulk there, adding width to my already too-large silhouette.

I’ve decided to go with a light shade of a neutral, similar to the traditional off-white, but maybe a little more interesting, and possibly easier to keep clean. I also prefer heathered yarns, because they offer a little more visual appeal than plain shades. So, a light to medium shade of a heathered beige or grey, in a yarn that can stand up to some abuse as outerwear.

I’ll see what I can find.


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