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Ellantora Rides Again

>Peers in around the door frame.<

>Enters slowly, cautiously.<

>Blows dust off the blog.<


That was an interesting almost-two-years.

What I didn’t mention at the time was that I was starting this shawl project as a way to take my mind off losing someone close. But the grieving process will not be rushed, and it did interfere with my ability to stay with the knitting project through all the project’s obstacles. Then, when the “computer malfunction” (more on that later) made typing too frustrating, it became too difficult to keep up with blogging about the project.

I might have trudged on with the shawl, bravely dealing with all the knots I encountered, and the “hand-feel” which wasn’t anywhere near as nice as I’d expected it to be, but as it got bigger, I saw what stopped me in my tracks: That thing was UGLYYYY! The lovely skein of gently gradated browns had turned into a horror resembling those ubiquitous 1970s variegated yarns.

I don’t know whether I’ll ever come up with anything that I will be able to make out of this yarn, but I promise it will not be that shawl — or anything else that I might wear in public.

For the rest of 2014, after this project fell apart, I did, too, falling into a depression that lasted for the rest of the year, and so, I did not knit or do much of anything. In 2015, I got involved in a community project that consumed all my time, and I’d begun having some carpal-tunnel issues, so did not have time or inclination to knit.

Now, a new project has been nagging at me for about a month, and I’ve done a little test-knitting to discover whether my carpal tunnel is up to it (seems good so far), and whether this is something I want to pursue. I think it is, and it does feel so good to knit again, so I’m going to give this blog another try, and see whether I can make something nice this time.


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