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I have a laptop computer and use a wireless keyboard with it. A while back, the keyboard went really wonky: if I typed an A, I got a Q; I had to type Q to get the A (both lower and upper case). Same with W and Z. The right-hand side was even weirder: Type a period, get a colon, but type a colon, get M, type M, get ?, type ?, get + type + get _ type _ get ° …  and on and on.

When I tried typing numbers, I got alternate characters; for example, 567 looked like (§è and 890 was !çà. But the number pad gave me the numbers correctly. So, when I had trouble finding a period, I tried the period on the number pad. It gave me a comma.

So of course, I reverted to the keyboard on the laptop: SAME THING! I can understand the wireless keyboard getting weird, but this baffles me.

If I try to type the following

“We found 269 commas. (It was/wasn’t fun.)”

it looks like this

%Ze found é§ç co,,qs: 9It zqs=zqsnùt fun:0%

This is still happening. You would not believe how long it’s taking to write this post. While this is entertaining, it is not conducive to making blog entries, so I am waiting for it to get fixed before I continue.



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