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Rail Yard Yarn

I’ve gone back and forth for several days on which yarn to use. The one I would most like to use is Possum Paints from Cherry Tree Hill, but I have only 6 skeins, and all but two are in different colorways (and unfortunately, this yarn has been discontinued for so long, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to find any more). While mixing these might work, I’d rather use two of them alone, to bring out their pretty, muted shades, rather than trying to blend them in with the bolder shades of the others, so I think the Possum Paints are destined to become three or four lace scarves instead.

pile o' possum, lightened for WPPossum Paints pile

Next, I considered the Karabella Aurora 8 I have in my stash. I love this yarn, and have enough balls in each of two or three colors, so at first I thought I’d found a winner, but the way this yarn knits up, I’d rather use it for a sweater. I think it will be too heavy and stretchy for a shawl, and the dark solid colors I have will magnify every piece of lint they pick up. Since I’m planning on using this shawl as a substitute for a sweater and jacket when I travel (as well as blanket on train trips), it will be kicking around in some odd situations, and needs to look good without fuss.

After this, my eyes lighted on my 10 skeins of Blue Sky Baby Alpaca — perfect! It’s lightweight, a light color that won’t show lint and cat and dog hair. Since it’s  sport weight, it will be thinner and more compact for traveling, while still keeping me as warm as the thicker wool yarns would. And at 110 yards per skein, I’m sure there will be enough. But wait: this is a beautiful, elegant yarn, and shouldn’t be used for a kick-around shawl. Better for a dressy lace shawl or sweater. Keep looking.

I then decided on, and rejected, Bryspun Kid-n-Ewe, Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Galway Highland Heather, and a few others before I happened to spot 3 skeins of Araucania Magallanes. It’s a thick-and-thin, and heavier than I would like, but it’s a gradient of a neutral color (beige to tan-brown), so with luck it will resist showing both dirt (dark) and critter hair (light), and each ball has 242 yards, so there should be enough if I use big-enough needles. More on the needles next time.

the chosen yarn - Magallanes




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