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Introductory Post

I’m not much of a blogger. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by life that I feel like I can’t manage to put words together coherently. But I suppose that comes with the territory: I’ve seen amazingly prolific bloggers go quiet when their lives got too hectic. So maybe I’m no worse than anybody else, I don’t know. But if things get too quiet around here, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My incentive for starting this blog is a knitting project. Whenever I start a new design, I take copious notes, usually in a spiral notebook, with a pen (remember pens?), but I don’t take pictures of the works-in-progress. I’ve seen blog posts with progress updates, and thought it looked like a fun way to make my notes, so I’m going to give it a try. Adding pictures will be nice, too, for me to look back on later, after the thing is a complete mess and I’ve given up in despair — ahem, after I have finished my beautiful new creation and am wearing it proudly.

I joined Ravelry in 2010, but never did anything with it. Then, earlier this week, I rediscovered it, and thought I’d like to try being more active on it. So, now my nascent project is listed there, but it seems that Rav doesn’t provide a place for progress updates. And so the WordPress blog is begun.


4 thoughts on “Introductory Post

    • Thank you… I am curious — I have done no SEO, and thought this blog wouldn’t be seen by anyone until it was eventually found by a handful of knitters who might find it worthy. But until it had aged a bit and gotten a chance to prove whether or not it was worth reading, I expected it to be buried in obscurity. How on earth did it come to be read by you on its day of birth?

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